PURe inks are mostly used for printing on food packaging materials and serve as a more sustainable production option for commercial printers


Heidelberg will offer PURe labelled inks. (Credit: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.)

Germany-based Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (Heidelberg) and PURe inks Europe (PURe) have partnered to enhance the sustainability of offset printing throughout Europe.

According to Heidelberg, the use of conventional offset inks or alternative UV curing inks often makes sustainable print production more challenging.

PURe inks, intended for printing on food packaging materials, are said to provide a more sustainable production option for commercial printers.

Under the partnership, Heidelberg will provide PURe’s inks under the same label, together with its own Saphira consumables, as part of the PURe package.

Also, the company will offer customers an individual implementation and transition service for the application of PURe inks.

It would provide job and system analysis, operator and sales training among others, to help commercialise the environmental advantages of PURe inks.

Heidelberg product management consumables head Hans Huyghe said: “Heidelberg is happy to extend its portfolio with low-migration inks from PURe, which combine the advantages of conventional and UV drying inks.

“With our project approach, we enable our customers to integrate PURe as a system as part of their long-term sustainability strategy.”

Heidelberg said that PURe’s advanced ink system is driven by demand for more sustainability in print production.

It deploys a unique drying mechanism, where the ink dries rapidly and at a significantly lower temperature than usual, contributing to high energy efficiency.

The new formulation is completely free from mineral, palm, soy or coconut oil, metal driers, antioxidants and microplastics.

It is odour free, comes with superior deinking results, and meets the high standards for the environment, health and labour safety.

Also, the majority of its ingredients are derived from renewable raw materials, with no further chemical modification or synthesis, said Heidelberg.

PURe meets the criteria of all major eco-labels, such as EU Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabelling, Austrian Ecolabel UZ24, Blauer Engel UZ195.

PURe ink systems CEO Michael Berz said: “We have worked for several years to achieve the high-quality standard we now have with PURe.

“After joint testing, Heidelberg offers a complete PURe package, which is key to the European success of this novel technology.

“With the go-to-market through Heidelberg, we can now leverage the potential of the Heidelberg network and its application know-how to introduce PURe to all customers.”