Heart Water fills its artisan alkaline water in the reusable and recyclable purple aluminium bottle


Heart Water has selected reusable aluminium bottle for alkaline water brand. (Credit: Projekt_Kaffeebart from Pixabay)

Heart Water has selected eco-friendly reusable aluminium water bottle for its alkaline water brand, as part of its sustainable efforts.

The company has filled its artisan alkaline water in the purple aluminium bottle, which is reusable and recyclable

Heart Water uses the cans that are produced using recycled aluminium instead of newly mined aluminium.

The reusable aluminium cans do not break down and avoid the release of chemicals into the contained water, while the plastic bottles will break down and release chemicals into the water.

Heart Water fills 450,000 bottles using one inch of rainfall

Heart Water stated that it collects the water from the atmosphere and filters it efficiently, as well as not uses reverse-osmosis to avoid wastage of water.

The company is said to bottle 450,000 bottles using one inch of rainfall at its two-acre collection facility. It converts old bottles into new cans within 60 days to use again for bottling water.

In July this year, Food company Danone’s bottled water brand Evian introduced a new label-free, fully recyclable water bottle as part of its sustainability efforts.

The new bottle, which is made from 100% recycled materials, features engraved logo to eliminate the use of the label, thus reducing the use of virgin plastic.