A new Pira report reveals how consumer demand for more healthy eating is driving forward developments in active packaging.

The report defines and examines the technologies that encompass active packaging and provides analysis of their current and likely future take-up levels on a global basis.

Among the technologies reviewed, oxygen scavengers have attracted the highest degree of interest.

Their use can reduce and, in certain instances, nullify the requirement for preservatives. This is perceived as a positive response to demand for natural fresh foods from consumers. Other technologies included in the report are moisture absorbers/adsorbents, carbon dioxide scavengers/emitters, ethylene scavengers/emitters, preservative releasers, flavour/odour absorbers, lactose and cholesterol removers, microwave technology, equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging and temperature-control packaging.

Primary research carried out by Pira gives previously unpublished market size and forecast data by sector, technology and country.