Italian pressure sensitive labelling company Etipack has developed a range of labelling heads claimed to give speeds up to 66% faster than its predecessors at no additional cost. The new equipment is available in the UK through agent Sussex and Berkshire.

The new heads are fitted as standard with their own programming panel and encoder speed controls and can be converted in the field from right to left hand operation.

The range starts with the Etipack Clear, an entry level system offering speeds up to 20m/min and maximum label width of 130mm. Particularly aimed at print-apply applications is Etipack Surprise that gives speeds up to 30m/min and can handle labels of up to 250mm wide.

For integration into complete product handling and labelling systems, Etipack Original runs at up to 50m/min and offers a choice of 130 or 250mm maximum label width.

Fastest in the family is Etipack Super. It is able to run at speeds up to 120m/min for high speed applications that can reach 1000 labels/min. Automatic web tension control is provided for accuracy at these elevated speeds.

All four labelling heads now have built-in electronics to suit a range of applicators, such as tamp, blow-on and pick and place, reducing the cost of custom built machines.