The company recently launched two CXE programs; one soon to open in its own newly established headquarters facility, and another in conjunction with PTC at its Boston Seaport CXE Center


As part of Harpak-ULMA’s TFS500 smart, connected thermoforming machine demonstration, three different products are run simultaneously while leveraging FANUC America's CRX collaborative robots to load and unload the irregular sized products. (Credit: Business Wire)

Harpak-ULMA today announced it will partner with North America’s premier robotic technology provider, FANUC America, in two key initiatives: Harpak will join FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator program, and Harpak will showcase FANUC products in two new Customer Experience Centers (CXEs).

Customer Experience Center Initiative

The company recently launched two CXE programs; one soon to open in its own newly established headquarters facility, and another in conjunction with PTC at its Boston Seaport CXE Center. Both CXEs feature state-of-the-art TFS500 smart connected thermoforming machines built with Rockwell Automation’s Allen Bradley automation controls and utilize FANUC robots for fully automated product loading and case packing. In addition, both platforms are enabled for PTC’s Augmented Reality applications, including Vuforia and Thingworx software suites. The Centers are expected to open for visitors in the first quarter of 2022.

Each CXE provides customers the opportunity to physically experience an operational smart, connected packaging line that is both AR-enabled and robotically automated. Such IIoT-enabled solutions are the literal foundation of digital transformation in packaging operations, both in data acquisition and for contextualizing real-time operating information used to manage performance. These state-of-the-art demonstrations help bring to life the business value and game-changing impact delivered through advanced digital technologies. In addition, Harpak-ULMA’s CXE will support a variety of market development efforts, including:

Materials Validation

Peelability Testing

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Trials

Skin and Vacuum Trials

New Product Testing

Process Testing

Research and Development initiatives

Presentation Sample Production

“There is simply no more effective way to convey what smart, connected packaging assets bring to the table,” explained Kevin Roach, Harpak-ULMA’s CEO. “These are not pie-in-the-sky visions of what we could do — they are concrete, operational examples of what we already do. They’re also a fantastic way to showcase the power and potential of collaboration among some of the industry’s top suppliers. No solution is an island unto itself. Adding FANUC America, the leading supplier of robots and automation to our CXE puts an exclamation point on it for our customers. The CXEs help communicate the flexibility and accuracy of fully automated packaging operations using some of the most advanced robotic and software technologies available today. We expect to continue building out CXE locations in conjunction with our partners based on strategic priorities.”

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

In addition to the CXE initiative, Harpak-ULMA has joined FANUC’s Authorized System Integrator program. Harpak-ULMA has long offered full line automation, but the FANUC relationship enhances automation services that target stand-alone product loading, case packing, and palletizing automation solutions.

“The addition of Harpak-ULMA to our family of Authorized System Integrators is a natural extension of our cordial relationship in Europe,” said Dick Motley, director of ASI Sales, FANUC America. “Like Harpak-ULMA, we see digital transformation as a priority among many of our mutual customers, and the CXE Initiative should be a great showcase. We’re looking forward to working together on automation solutions for our consumer- and durable-goods packaging clients.”

Harpak-ULMA’s new global headquarters of Harpak-ULMA is located at 85 Independence Drive, Taunton, MA 02780.

Source: Company Press Release