The new adhesive grades are suitable for tough surfaces and severe conditions such as high speed pharmaceutical packaging lines without counterpressure

HB fuller

H.B. Fuller has launched extreme cold resistant adhesives for pharmaceutical industry. (Credit: H.B. Fuller Company)

H.B. Fuller, a provider of adhesives, sealants and other speciality chemical products, has introduced extreme cold resistant adhesives for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dubbed as Advantra, the new adhesive grades with hot melt advanced technology have been developed for extreme cold storage of vaccines and medication packaging.

The new adhesives hold the potential to deliver a secure bond at -70 C with tamper-evident fibre tear.

H.B. Fuller stated that appropriate packaging is required to securely preserve and ship pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and medication, from the time they are filled until they reach to a patient.

Adhesives play a significant role in packaging performance, specifically to meet stringent storage requirements.

The company is providing readily available extreme cold resistant adhesive grades with Advantra 9280 EU and Advantra BOLD 948.

The new adhesive grades have been designed for tough surfaces and severe conditions such as high-speed pharmaceutical packaging lines without counterpressure.

H.B. Fuller is offering both solutions in Europe, India, Middle East, and Africa (EIMEA) and equivalent performance grades across the globe.

The adhesive innovator has carried out a series of tests with various industry-standard pharmaceutical packaging carton samples at its H.B. Fuller’s Lüneburg Adhesive Academy in Germany.

Both adhesives have been formulated for better adhesion on GC1 and GC2 type carton boards.

According to the company, the Advantra adhesives show tamper-evident fibre tear on pharmaceutical packaging and confirmed fibre tear after seven days storage at -70 C and after reconditioning at refrigerator temperatures of 4 C (39 F) after comprehensive testing.

In July last year, H.B. Fuller announced the launch of its new Fulltak SE 8116, a water-based acrylic adhesive that offers non-water whitening performance for the no-label look.