Founded in 1971 by Enzo Tagliapietra, Labrenta is a producer of premium custom closures for spirits, wine, beer, oil, and vinegar


Guala Closures to acquire Vicenza-based high-end closures supplier Labrenta. (Credit: 445693 from Pixabay)

Closure producer Guala Closures has agreed to acquire Vicenza-based high-end closures supplier Labrenta to expand its presence in the luxury segment.

The purchase of Labrenta is anticipated to produce significant synergies on both an industrial and commercial level by providing a broad range of products for the expanding luxury market.

Gianni and Amerigo Tagliapietra, who are now Labrenta’s owners and the company’s CEO and vice president of business development, respectively, will reinvest in Guala Closures and take managerial responsibilities for the division’s luxury closures business.

The acquisition also aligns with the Guala Closures’ aim of innovation and growing attention to sustainability.

Founded in 1971 by Enzo Tagliapietra in Breganze, Vicenza, Italy, Labrenta is a producer of premium custom closures for spirits, wine, beer, oil, and vinegar.

The company, which was first started as a manufacturer of natural cork for the Italian wine industry, has developed over the years to establish itself as a highly inventive company and has acquired 30 patents.

The firm purchased Anacorks, a Portuguese company that produced high-end cork closures, this year.

Labrenta has introduced product lines made of mixes of natural and synthetic materials as a result of its concentration on R&D activities and attention to sustainability.

Guala Closures president and CEO Gabriele Del Torchio said: “Labrenta is an excellent and innovative company, with a strong local presence, an important know-how, a well-organised team and a management with a long-term strategic vision.

“The acquisition of Labrenta represents an important opportunity for our Group. The deal will contribute to the achievement of the goals set in our strategic plan as well as to further strengthen our already significant presence in the luxury segment.”

Torchio added: “The entrepreneurial experiences of Gianni and Amerigo Tagliapietra will be crucial to support us throughout this new development path.

“The plant in Breganze will become an important centre for research, development and production of luxury closures.”