Powdered detergent cartons are presenting new application possibilities for US OPP film manufacturer AET Films.

AET is applying its GRX film to deliver barrier protection to several leading global detergent brands to protect powders against clumping and caking when exposed to ambient moisture.

As well as providing enhanced carton strength, the film-faced cartons are said to offer a glossier on-shelf appearance. GRX can also be used to protect against grease stains, for products such as pet food, and be used to strengthen beverage cartons for improved moisture and tear resistance. The refined structural strength has, in some cases, reduced paperboard caliper on laminated cartons. The film can be metallized for added shelf impact and additional barrier properties.

Bill Minnich, GRX market manager, says: “The acrylic coated surface of GRX film provides critical performance properties for customers; great ink and adhesive anchorage, excellent coefficient of friction for accurate printing registration and better tracking and feeding on high speed packaging lines. The film also protects cartons against scuffing and wear.”