The new yogurt cup, which has been produced using less plastic, is decorated with in-mould labeling technology


Greiner Packaging has developed a yogurt cup made of PP. (Credit: Greiner Packaging)

Greiner Packaging has unveiled a new lightweight cup made of polypropylene (PP) for Greek yogurt, as part of its sustainable efforts.

Austrian dairy company Ennstal Milch has a filling plant for various flavours of Greek yogurt.

Greiner Packaging has developed a suitable packaging solution, which can be decorated with in-mould labeling (IML) technology for Greek yogurt.

The new yogurt cup features an advanced design, minimising the use of plastic.

The IML technology will help create a brand identity with the same high quality as photo printing, grabbing customer’s attention at the point of sale. Also, double-sided or interactive labels will help enhance consumer interactions.

It also offers a range of surface effects to enhance the product’s premium look, including soft-touch, matte, ultra-glossy, metallic, transparent, or imitation paper finishes.

Greiner stated that it achieved a material savings of 20% for the new plastic cup designed for the Greek yogurt.

The company has reduced the weight of the cup by making adjustments to technical conditions in production.

The PP used in the cups has been designed to facilitate the filling of dairy products and other foods in a refrigerated environment or at room temperature.

Greiner is also offering biocircular plastics made from agricultural production waste to boost the use of more renewable materials.

Greiner Packaging key account and IML category manager Philipp Maurer said: “The new, lighter-weight IML cup for Greek yogurt is a great example of Greiner Packaging’s dedication to reducing material usage and the weight and carbon savings that come with it.

“The fact that we also make products from renewable materials on request, which in turn are 100 percent recyclable, is completely in line with our sustainable mindset and our mission to actively advance the transition to a circular economy.”

In January this year, Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging unveiled a new 100% recyclable cardboard spoon for dairy and snack products.