The new refill bottle is suitable for liquids in spray bottles such as household cleaning products


Greiner Packaging and DesPro develop new refill packaging solution. (Credit: Greiner Packaging)

Greiner Packaging has collaborated with its in-house design agency DesPro to develop a new refill packaging solution for multiple doses of household cleaning products and chemicals.

The new sustainable 200ml refill bottle, which weighs up to 16gm in its original form, is manufactured using HDPE, PP or PET material.

The bottle consists of 200ml of concentrate, which later produces ten times its liquid volume across four spray bottle refills.

Featuring a flip-top cap with a guiding nozzle, the refill bottle is suitable for liquids in spray bottles such as household cleaning products.

Designed to meet all current market requirements, the bottle features a non-removable and hinged snap-on lid with a safety lock and user-friendly level indicator.

The new refill bottle is provided with a large surface area, which can be designed or decorated to promote the product.

The bottle’s valve included in the lid facilitates to dispense of the product in an ideal manner with a high degree of precision.

According to the company, the valve part can be mechanically detached later in the recycling process, which enhances the recyclability of the packaging solution as a whole.

Greiner Packaging international business development manager Tõnu Kundla said: “It goes without saying that we were primarily aiming to reduce material use when we developed the new spray bottle multidose refill.

“The amount saved increases exponentially throughout the intelligent refill cycle – ultimately yielding a reduction of up to 85 per cent.

“Each year, this could save up to 1,000 metric tons of plastic, if we assume that there are 20 million standard spray bottles a year.”

In January this year, Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging launched a new sustainable fold-out cardboard spoon for dairy and snack products.