The new sustainable cardboard spoon will enable users to conveniently consume dairy products, desserts, fruits and various types of salad on the go


Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging have developed new recyclable cardboard spoon. (Credit: Greiner Packaging)

Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging have unveiled a new 100% recyclable cardboard spoon, as part of their sustainable efforts.

The new sustainable fold-out cardboard spoon can be used for dairy and snack products.

With a length of 10cm, the cardboard spoon features the perfect shape and size to conveniently consume dairy products, desserts, fruits and various types of salad on the go.

Cardbox Packaging managing director Florian Scharl said: “We were able to pool our expertise as we worked to develop the cardboard spoon, achieving a result that meets consumers’ expectations as well as doing something positive for our environment.”

Greiner Packaging stated that the new cardboard spoon will also serve as a better alternative to the consumers, as the use of disposable plastic cutlery will be banned in the European Union from mid-2021.

The cardboard spoon is produced using virgin fibres. As a result, it has been approved for contact with food.

It also features a water-based coating for safe use while eating.

Greiner Packaging stated that special food-safe inks and coatings can also be used for custom printing on the cardboard spoon to promote the brand.

The folding cardboard spoon can be disposed of with other waste paper upon using. A water-based coating selected for the spoon makes it suitable for recycling in the standard paper recycling stream.

Cardboard spoon, combined with a top cup made of r-PET and polypropylene (PP) sealing film, can be fully removed from the lid to make it a sustainable packaging solution with a better recycling profile. The PP film is automatically separated from the lid to access the spoon.

Greiner Packaging circular economy director Konrad Wasserbauer said: “We are delighted that more and more partners and customers want to work on sustainable packaging solutions with us. Developing recyclable packaging solutions not only makes sense for the environment but also offers commercial advantages.”

Last year, Greiner Packaging joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste to boost its efforts to recover resources from plastic waste for a circular economy.