Greiner Bio-One, a medical technology company, has developed a new tube holder VACUETTE SAFELINK to provide an optimal solution for blood collection.

3Jan - Greiner

Image: VACUETTE branded SAFELINK tube holder is designed to provide quick and easy blood collection. Photo: Courtesy of Greiner Bio One International GmbH.

The new VACUETTE branded SAFELINK tube holder is designed to provide a safe, needleless option for blood collection, facilitating quick and easy blood collection from a female luer port.

It provides a secure luer lock connection for safe and easy transfer of blood to an evacuated tube. The tube can be used in combination with all medical products that have a standard female luer lock connection, such as winged cannulae and stands out with easy handling.

The medical technology company claims that luer lock feature makes the VACUETTE SAFELINK unique amongst the conventional Greiner Bio-One tube holders and it is specifically suitable for blood collection from venous access devices according to guideline recommendations.

Tests suggest that the VACUETTE SAFELINK is capable of holding a secure connection that withstands pressures up to 185mmHg.

The simple screw connection with a controlled threading movement allows the single-use product to connect safely and smoothly to the particular medical device and facilitates safe blood collection.

Greiner said that the holder’s functional design along with practical handling make it more effective healthcare solution.

VACUETTE SAFELINK holder has been manufactured from unbreakable plastic and it does not contain natural rubber latex. It is expected to be a useful addition to the product line with its screw system for a secure connection.

In May 2011, Greiner Bio-One has launched CELLMASTER Roller Bottle product portfolio to fulfill different requirements for the production of virus vaccines or recombinant proteins used for therapeutic approaches.

The new bottles are manufactured from high grade polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene terephtalate (PET) with a two-phase blow-molding procedure to avoid the risk of leakage.

The bottles are made with a smooth and ribbed surfaces ranging from 850 cm² to 4,720 cm² in size and are made available with standard or filter screw caps.

Greiner Bio-One International is made up of four business divisions: Preanalytics, BioScience, Diagnostics, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).