The 'test and learn' trials of an all fibre plastic-free recyclable sandwich skillet will be conducted across the country


Greencore is set to launch recyclable sandwich packaging trial in UK. (Credit: Greencore Group plc)

Convenience food manufacturer Greencore Group has collaborated with retailers Co-op and Sainsbury’s to launch the fully-recyclable sandwich packaging trials in the UK.

The partnership will begin ‘test and learn’ trials of an all fibre plastic-free recyclable sandwich skillet in stores across the country.

Greencore has worked with ProAmpac to develop new sustainable sandwich packaging, which is claimed to be the first of its kind in the world.

The sandwich skillet, which will feature a plastic-free window, will be produced using paper-based material.

Due to the accurate level of moisture resistance, the skillet delivers a similar shelf life provided by a traditional skillet.

According to the company, data demonstrated that consumers are facing challenges to separate the plastic film from the packaging of a typical sandwich skillet.

The all-paper construction of the new skillet enables it to make the process easier for consumers.

Greencore is planning to roll out the new sustainable packaging by the end of this year based on the successful trials. The company intends to begin the trials in September this year.

The new fully-recyclable skillet will enable Greencore to achieve one of the key commitments outlined in its 2020 Sustainability Report.

Greencore’s other commitments also consist of a deforestation-free supply chain by 2025, the use of sustainably sourced raw materials by 2030 and all surplus product will be donated to local communities by next year.

Greencore sustainability head Andy Wright said: “Consumers are increasingly aware not just of the importance of their own health but also of the impact their food has on the health of the planet.

“Developing a fully recyclable sandwich skillet is one of the key ways we can reduce waste and help our customers do their bit to protect the environment.”