EPI Environmental Products, the developer of degradable plastic additives for packaging, says Tesco has "confirmed its commitment to the environment" by adopting EPI's degradable technology into its carrier bag production.

All Tesco’s degradable carriers now feature EPI’s “daisy” logo and EPI chairman and ceo Joseph Gho says the retailer is now keen to see more of its plastic packaging products made degradable.

He also believes other retailers will follow Tesco’s lead and “review their own environmental responsibilities, including moves towards greater use of degradable packaging.”

EPI says “most supermarket customers” are committed to the principle of recycling and responsible use and disposal of plastics – and that the cost of producing an oxo-biodegradable plastic end-product is “relatively minimal”.

In landfill bags with EPI additives reportedly fragment and degrade through light, heat and stress and then biodegrade in the presence of microbes, moisture and other organic materials, leaving only water, CO2, biomass and trace mineral salts behind.