Because Grease-B-Gon, a high tech grease and odour absorbent product, is designed for multiple uses – consumers actually pour used cooking oils into the product/container – the package plays a critical role. The pack is a Sonoco 401 x 614 (4oz) composite can, spiral wound of two plies of 100 per cent recycl- ed paperboard, a high perform- ance liner and label. Its foil based liner is said to protect the product’s sensitive, powder-like silica against absorbing any environ-mental moisture before the package is opened, while containing the grease and oil after it is opened and put into use. Once the can has been completely filled, the consumer simply replaces the overcap and discards the entire package with regular household refuse. Salem Label, of Salem, Ohio, flexo printed the paper labels, which provide clear instructions on product use.

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