Almost a quarter of all the nuts sold to UK consumers each year find their way into the shopping basket during December. That’s Christmas for you.

Sonoco has supplied Walkers, the United Kingdom’s leading snack food producer, with 99x120mm (300g) paperboard cans for Nut Clusters, a new extension to its Sensations brand.

The savoury peanut-based snack range incorporates three flavours: Chilli Spice, Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet Tomato Salsa, all of which are now available in supermarkets, convenience stores and the independent trade as a limited edition product for the Christmas period.

The decision to pack Nut Clusters in the Sonoco-made canister was strategic as well as performance based, says Helen Onions, brand manager for Walkers Snack Foods.

“Like Sensations Crisps, this is a luxury adult item and we wanted a pack that would convey the premium nature of the product and stand out on the shelf. We also want consumers to view Nut Clusters as a special, limited edition product, which it is. By packing the product in a rigid container we have created a visual temptation people will find hard to resist during the Christmas season.”

To encourage sharing, Sonoco provided a SealedSafe® peelable foil membrane top for the cans that is heat sealed to a seamed metal ring, and easily removable by use of a conveniently sited tab.

The pack also includes a pigmented plastic over-cap for secure closure in between snacking, and embossed with the Walkers Sensations logo, further reinforcing the brand and its positioning as an adult luxury indulgence snack.