The returnable, refillable Space Saver Container system, launched this year by CypherCo of Hereford, is proving a hit with the Australian agrochemical industry.

Marketed in Australia as the Maxi-100 by Syngenta Crop Protection, the containers are aimed at high volume products.

Claimed benefits are improved transportation and storage efficiency, easier handling and a closed transfer system for safer handling of products.

The Space Saver container is a high-density, translucent 100-litre PE container with a shape that combines the ease of handling benefits of round drums, with the storage efficiency of square drums. This is achieved with a round base that transforms into a square shape just above the base.

“Dead space between containers is minimal,” says Shane Emms of Syngenta. “So instead of transporting 550 litres of product on a pallet, as is the case with traditional 110 litre cylindrical drums, a standard pallet will carry 900 litres in the new container.”

“The smooth high-density inner surface reduces product adherence and drum panelling. The probe dip tube fits neatly into a deep reservoir well allowing for 99.5% product removal, ensuring growers get what they pay for,” he adds.