A decade of change in the glass packaging industry has benefited customers through genuine added value, lightweighting, efficiency gains, rationalisation and improved logistics according to a new report produced by packaging consultancy PIRA.

Titled: ‘Clear Steps Forward – a decade of change for the glass container manufacturing industry’, the report was commissioned by Glasspac, the promotions arm of British Glass, in order to provide an independent assessment of the progress that has been achieved by the glass container industry.

The report concludes that: “The gradual and incremental improvements in glass container production over the last 10 years have meant that the glass industry has not always been perceived by its customers as being innovative.

“Yet sweeping changes have been made in bottle design and characteristics, production techniques, end-of-line decorative processes and logistics, which have enabled manufacturers to respond to an increase in demand for glass, as well as meet customer requirements for cost-effective, solutions driven packaging.

“Working in partnership throughout the supply chain has enabled container manufacturers to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, add value and provide unique branding opportunities for customers”.