The Insight filled bottle inspection system from GEI detects small particles of glass and other foreign bodies in filled and capped bottles at in-line speeds of up to 60 000 bottles /hour.

Developed in partnership with Heineken, the system offers premium brand protection against costly product recalls. It offers detection levels and low reject rate, regardless of bottle features such as embossing, scuffing or coding. Using a patented system, particle images are captured on camera as the bottle is spun then stopped.

The first commercial machines were installed at Heineken this Summer. ‘Feedback from the industry is very positive,’ says Insight Systems sales director Stan Lamb. ‘For the first time, small fragments of glass can be detected in liquid on a real time basis, reducing the potential risk to consumers and avoiding costly product recalls and wastage. ‘

It is designed for standalone or labeller linked operation. Standard features include real time reject image viewing and analysis, quick size changeover and automatic bottle height adjustment, advanced fault diagnosis and line speed automation.