The delivery of LDPE plastic is a part of waste plastics supply agreement signed by Geminor with Quantafuel in March 2019


The Quantafuel chemical recycling plant in Skive, Denmark. (Credit: Geminor)

Resource management company Geminor is set to commence delivery of the first 500 tonnes of low-density polyethene (LDPE) plastic to technology-based energy company Quantafuel’s chemical recycling factory in Skive, Denmark.

The delivery is a part of waste plastics supply agreement signed by Geminor with Quantafuel in March 2019.

Geminor DK country manager Kasper Thomsen said: “The first plastic deliveries come from two suppliers, Danish “Dansk Avfallsminimering” in Randers and “RenoNord” in Aalborg.

“The plastic we receive is high-quality residual plastic waste that cannot be mechanically recycled, and is clean enough for chemical recycling. During the start-up phase, Quantafuel needs low-moisture fractions to optimize the operation.”

Danish plant process up to 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually

The Danish plant, which is the first of several plants planned in Europe, will have the capacity to convert up to 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste into chemicals annually. The resulting chemicals can be used to make new plastics.

Over the next few years, the plant’s production capacity will be increased to around 60,000 tonnes.

Quantafuel chief strategy officer Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen said: “The chemical recycling of waste plastic is getting attention both in Denmark and in the international waste industry. The production is fully in line with the EU’s environmental ambitions and objectives.

“Together with Geminor we will now find more industry players in Denmark and Europe who share our vision of solving the plastic problem, says Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen of

Geminor is engaged in supplying waste products to recycling and energy recovery for the companies in Northern Europe.

The firm currently holds contracts with over 80 recycling and waste to energy facilities across Europe.