The GEA Decontamination Blow Fill System is suitable to fill high-acid, sensitive, shelf-stable products and ESL beverages

GEA machine

The GEA Decontamination Blow Fill system uses aseptic technology to process a wide spectrum of beverages. (Credit: GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft)

GEA, a Germany-based systems supplier for food processing and other industries, is also now offering sustainable blow-fill-cap technology for sensitive and long-life beverages.

Designed to be used for a range of beverages, the GEA Decontamination Blow Fill System (DBF) can be used to fill high-acid, sensitive, shelf-stable products and ESL beverages such as juices, nectars, isotonics and those containing pulp and cereal particles.

Within the dry preform sterilisation solutions, the GEA Aseptic Blow Fill System ABF is already used for low-acid and shelf-stable beverages such as dairy products.

The system, which uses a hydrogen peroxide vapour (VHP), includes a decontamination treatment conducted in a single point for better performance.

Later, the preforms are stretched with sterile air into sterile bottles to support entering the aseptic filling module, where they are aseptically sealed.

The German firm said that GEA DBF can produce a wide spectrum of drinks ranging from still to carbonated and clear to viscous products as well as with fruit or cereal particles up to 10 x 10 x 10mm in size.

GEA centre of competence for blowing, filling and packaging managing director Donato de Dominicis said: “Compared to hot fill or retort sterilisation, with dry aseptic processing and filling it’s possible to produce lightweight, innovative bottles that consume minimal amounts of raw materials while at the same time allowing a variety of attractive container designs, and fill them with preservative-free beverages.

“This is an area where we are pioneers. Yet not all sensitive beverages need to be produced under the same processing conditions. That’s why we decided to offer a solution tailor-made dedicated to specific categories of sensitive products. That solution is GEA DBF.”

In June last year, GEA launched a new rotary Aseptic Blow Fill technology (ABF 2.0) for shelf-stable, sensitive beverages and milk-based drinks.