Fujifilm North America’s graphic systems division and Inca Digital have introduced new OnsetX HS (high speed) flatbed printer series.

The all-new OnsetX HS, distributed exclusively in the Americas by Fujifilm.

Image: The all-new OnsetX HS, distributed exclusively in Americas by Fujifilm. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division

Addition to the OnsetX UV flatbed series, the new range includes two machines – Onset X2 HS and Onset X3 HS.

Designed to increase speed and productivity, the new range can print up to 15,597ft² per hour using a new single cycle mode.

The OnsetX HS has been launched along with the new Fujifilm inkjet range, Uvijet OX, which features a new patented ink technology developed and produced at Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems in the UK.

OnsetX HS and Uvijet OX inks can be used in an extensive new range of applications, including printing on corrugated board, packaging and non-PVC rigid plastics.

The new range, which is compatible with Inca’s range of application specific robotic handling systems, integrates 30 second job set up and single cycle printing mode.

Inca Digital CEO Stephen Tunnicliffe-Wilson said: “We believe the launch of this new generation of OnsetX machines positions Inca Digital firmly at the forefront of the high-end inkjet market.

“The dramatic increases in overall productivity, made possible by the further integration of robotics and great advances in printing speeds, print quality and substrate compatibility, all mean print businesses and entrepreneurs have the capability and capacity to grow market share and confidently move into new markets.”

Fujifilm’s new inkjet range has been specifically designed to be used with Onset family of printers to achieve better adhesion on rigid plastic media, which is generally used in North America.

The new series has been added with automated features such as on and off-loading systems, UV shutter alignment and table skin adjustments to reduce operator intervention and job set-up time down from an average of 15 minutes to around 30 seconds.

Tunnicliffe-Wilson further added: “We are very proud of this new range of OnsetX HS machines; they are the latest example of Inca Digital’s proud tradition of launching inkjet machines that have a transformative effect on the industry.”