Atwell Labellers says the labelling of avocados, aubergines and other fruits in multi-rows in returnable packs and cartons can now be achieved at speed using a Koch Cross Web labeller.

The company says RTPs and other trays had previously been emptied, each fruit labelled by hand and then put back into the trays – a labour intensive process which could result in misplaced labels.

Depending on configuration per RTP, labelling speeds of up to five trays/min can now be achieved automatically.

The labels are fed from the labeller onto an application box and a series of tamp plates then gently transfer and press a complete row of labels onto the fruit. The trays then move onto a second station where pneumatically operated sponges move down and wipe the label securely onto the fruit’s curved surface.

The labeller has touch screen control – both this and the machine are IP65 rated – and the control unit stores up to 25 tray/label combinations for rapid changeover.