The limited edition Winter Cup design features red and silver stars with gold branding


Image: Frugalpac introduces new Winter cup made of recycled paper. Photo: courtesy of Frugalpac Limited.

UK-based recyclable paper-based packaging manufacturer Frugalpac has introduced a new Winter Cup made of recycled paper.

This limited edition Winter Cup’s design features red and silver stars with gold branding. It is intended to provide a solution for operators and consumers looking for eco-friendly cups made from 100% recycled paper.

The recyclable paper-based packaging manufacturer said that all its cups are made from recycled paperboard, without waterproofing chemicals and uses food-grade liner, which enables it to be separated easily during the standard recycling process.

Frugalpac sales manager George Rumble said: “As more customers opt for hot beverages at this time of year, it’s a great time to spread the #getFrugal message and highlight the importance of choosing products made of recycled materials, to support the circular economy.

“We’re encouraging coffee shops, sports & leisure attractions and forecourts to spread Christmas Cheer sustainably, by serving hot drinks in our Winter Frugal Cups!”

The new edition is a part of full Frugal Cup range

The new edition is a part of the full Frugal Cup range, which includes a nature-inspired ‘ivy’ design along with the limited-edition bespoke design by the company’s ambassador broadcaster Gemma Cairney.

According to Frugalpac, approximately 210 million coffee cups are estimated to be used in the UK during December, with consumers opting for hot drinks during cold weather.

Under the sustainable coffee cup range also includes the company’s pulp molded paper lid alternative to plastic lids, called the Frugal Lid.

The Frugal Lid used dry-in-place technology and sustainably sourced wood fibre to get a pressed paper lid that is high in quality and consistent.

In November this year, the company introduced Frugal Cup Linerless, a sustainable coffee cup made from virgin paper that is obtained from sustainably accredited forests.

The fully-recyclable coffee cup is treated with a unique coating and binding agent that makes it suitable for hot and cold drinks while allowing the pulp to easily break down during the paper recycling process.