To print unsupported film for PVC shrink labels, Fort Dearborn, in Chicago, installed a Comco ProGlide MSP narrow web flexo press. It joins three existing ProGlides, all 10 colour, with web widths of 22 and 26in.

Critical to Fort Dearborn’s requirements is the machines’ ability to control temperature, web tension, and register, all at high speed. A combination of chill drum technology, low tension unwinds, sensitive infeeds and ‘S’ wraps in every station helps achieve the necessary standards. Register is controlled automatically with Comco’s ARC system, and the press is fitted with Variprint, which permits different cut off lengths.

A spokesman for Fort Dearborn described the ProGlide MSP as: “Highly flexible, with the capability of handling various substrates, such as BOPP. It is difficult to name another press with such versatility.”

The ProGlide MSP system is designed for easy and fast change-over. Shuttle decks allow the ink tray, fountain roll, anilox roll, and print cylinder to slide out. All are fixed using quick, positive locks. The press is said to be rugged with heavy gauge steel side frames that provide consistent performance.


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