Planned to be launched in January next year, the new Two Compartment Box is said to be suitable for packing two dishes hot or cold


Colpac caters to take-away demand by developing two compartment, single pack sustainable solution. (Credit: Colpac Ltd)

Colpac, a manufacturer of sustainable food packaging solutions, has developed a new dual compartment cartonboard box to meet the takeaway demand.

The new Two Compartment Box has been designed to meet the increasing demand for single-piece of recyclable packaging for hot food on the go in the environmentally-conscious delivery and takeaway businesses.

Available in two sizes medium and large, the cartonboard two-compartment lidded hot food to-go box is ideal for packing two dishes hot or cold.

Featuring clip closure to allow stacking and minimise heat loss, the recyclable packaging with an integral lid simplifies portion control.

The company said that the printable Two Compartment Box can be used for hot holding, allowing consumers to use and eat from.

Colpac marketing & product head Kate Berry said: “Providing a food packaging solution which upholds the integrity of our customer’s offering is vital.

“Many businesses have launched take-away and delivery services this year, and we are committed to creating viable, sustainable packaging to meet food-to-go demands. The forthcoming launch of the Two Compartment Box is an excellent addition to our range.”

Made from kraft board, the packaging is planned to be made available from January next year.

The large pack has a total capacity of up to 1,430ml, including a 920ml big compartment alongside a smaller compartment of 510ml.

The Two Compartment Box medium pack has a total capacity of 1,050ml with a 670ml and 380ml compartments.

In a statement, Colpac said: “As with all new packaging the Colpac team factored in the entire life cycle of the Two Compartment Box during the construction process, from point of fill, point of sale to point of consumption, and point of disposal.”

Earlier this year, Colpac said that it is working with customers for the development of adaptable packaging solutions to meet the requirements of the hospitality industry.