Food Lion is taking the support of Retail Business Services to place clear on-pack bioengineered food labeling on all private brand products

Lion KIng

Food Lion has announced today new sustainability policies for making its products and packaging more sustainable. (Credit: Food Lion)

US-based Food Lion has unveiled new sustainability policies for genetically modified food (GMOs) and farm animal welfare, as part of its efforts to provide sustainable products and packaging.

Food Lion has decided to work with Retail Business Services to place clear on-pack bio-engineered food labelling on all private brand products.

As part of the new GMO policy, Food Lion has to place clear on-pack bio-engineered food labelling on all private brand products by 1 January 2022.

Retail Business Services is engaged in the development of private brand products for each of the Ahold Delhaize USA local brands.

The latest sustainable policies are based on Food Lion’s earlier-announced commitments

The latest sustainable policies are based on the company’s earlier-announced commitments, including sustainable chemistry, climate change, and artificial ingredients.

The move is also based on Food Lion’s joining of the Ocean Disclosure Project earlier this year to enhance the transparency of sustainable seafood sourcing efforts.

Food Lion is said to have a sustainable seafood policy that covers over 2,500 products, including its own-brand coffee, cocoa, tea, and soy products.

Food Lion merchandising executive vice president Geoff Waldau said: “We are committed to nourishing our neighbours in the towns and cities we serve in a sustainable manner.

“In addition to providing healthier food choices and more locally sourced products for our customers, we are working hard to deliver greater transparency into the food they buy. The addition of these policies furthers our commitment to nutritious, transparent products that meet our customers’ preferences and lifestyles.”

The company has designed the new farm animal welfare policy for the suppliers of whole or single ingredient cattle products, whole pork products, whole or single ingredient poultry products and other whole or single-ingredient products derived from farm animals

Food Lion’s animal welfare policy will focus on major areas such as animal testing, antimicrobials, broiler chickens, confined housing systems, growth hormones and pain management.

In June this year, Innovia Films unveiled new Encore packaging and labelling film range, which were produced using renewable non-food based raw materials.