A new diffractive light reflecting foil from Kurz is said to offer a lens-like appearance that exhibits an exceptional feeling of depth. The company says it displays lens patterns which although less than one micron deep, appear to have a thickness of several millimetres. When the foil is tilted, it appears as if light is falling onto the surface of this lens and being focused onto a point in its interior.

The new foils – appropriately named Lenses – are said to particularly suit packaging applications due to this depth effect, which combines with rainbow colour play to produce a highly eye catching look. They are available as both hot stamping and laminating foils. Varying lens sizes permit designs to be tailored to small or large surface applications.

There is a range of colours, and a transparent version allows the lens effect to be placed on top of coloured images or print.

More information from Leonard Kurz – TEL: +49 911 71 41 0.