A new imaging technology for security applications introduced by Blockfoil is believed to be a 'world first'.

The Photografix system enables Blockfoil to create pictures in foil “for a fraction of the cost of a real hologram, and within days rather than weeks or months”, the company claims. It can be used with most types of hot stamping foil, regardless of cost, colour, or diffraction properties. Furthermore, the substrate to which it can be adhered is also said to range from 60g/m² paper to cartonboard.

“On a 250,000 print run, a job using Photografix could be around a quarter of the cost of the same job containing a registered hologram,” insists Barry Corbett, Blockfoil’s group managing director. “We could start foiling a job within 48 hours of receiving the artwork, and during production, the operator is not hindered by having to achieve extremely fine register.”