Anon-aerosol foam dis-penser has become avail-able from Rieke Dispensing, offering a new pack solution to personal care, household and pharmaceutical items.

The dispenser draws product from the container and mixes it with air at the point of dispense to enable it to foam without the use of traditional aerosol technol-ogy.

Two versions are available – finger operated and palm operated.

Both offer optional features to enhance practi-cality and shelf impact.

A ‘shower proof’ speci-fication maximises con-sumer convenience and also reduces the possibility of micro-biological contamination dur-ing filling or usage.

The non-metal construc-tion also means the dispensers are compatible with a wider range of product formu-lations and ingredients.

The dispenser’s modern design can be further enhanced by customisation options, including different colours and materials – such as a soft-touch effect – for the button or nozzle.

For flexibility, the finger-actuated and palm foamers fit standard 43mm and 40mm neck finishes respectively but can also be adapted to meet individual customer require-ments.

The brightly coloured finger-actuated foamer dis-penses a 0.8ml dose, while the palm version is 1.7ml.