Rational Packaging designs and produces recyclable and paperboard-based structural packaging components


Foam Fabricators has made a strategic investment in Rational Packaging. (Credit: Akshay93 from Pixabay)

Compass Diversified (CODI) company Foam Fabricators has made a strategic investment in US-based Rational Packaging.

Based in Scottsdale of Tennessee, Rational Packaging is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of recyclable and paperboard-based structural packaging components.

The current investment is based on a strategic partnership formed between Foam Fabricators and Rational Packaging in July this year.

Rational Packaging offers structural packaging components and systems, which will help customers to avoid supply-chain damage while they assemble, lift, load, stack, and transport products to consumers.

The company is said to leverage a patented Wave Corner Post design that applies multiple layers of laminated material for creating a wave pattern to provide cushioning and impact resistance, as well as enhanced stacking strength.

With customers across North America, Rational Packaging serves the appliance, HVAC, consumer durables, information technology, and textile markets. Its major products comprise Structural corner posts, clamp braces, edge protection, and base pads.

Rational Packaging co-founder and CEO Tom Roberts said: “An industry leader with a strong reputation for high-quality offerings across diverse product categories, Foam Fabricators is the ideal partner for Rational Packaging as we accelerate our commercialisation efforts, enhance our production capabilities and expand upon our unique, customer-centric offerings.”

Foam Fabricators CEO  comments on the investment

Foam Fabricators CEO James Hughes said: “Rational Packaging’s innovative and patent-protected wave pattern designs, sustainable material offerings and unique manufacturing capabilities enhance our ability to provide a growing base of customers with effective and efficient solutions for all of their protective and structural packaging needs.”

Based in Scottsdale of Arizona, Foam Fabricators is involved in the designing and manufacturing of protective packaging solutions and components by using expanded polymers such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP) and other advanced resins.

With 16 moulding and fabricating facilities across North America, the company offers products to different end markets such as appliances and electronics, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, automotive and building products. In January 2018, Compass Diversified acquired Foam Fabricators.