No more clawing away at ‘peel here’ corners or mummifying packs in Clingfilm, German food processing and packaging company CFS has developed a new look pack for sliced meats and cheeses with an innovative reclosure system that keeps products fresh.

The FlipFresh reclosure feature works through pegs and holes incorporated into the film, without the use of adhesives. Explains CFS pack consultant Rudi Fux: “With FlipFresh, we’ve developed an easy to open and reclose pack, which keeps in the freshness without the need for foil, plastics film or other airtight containers.

“What’s more, because of the way the FlipFresh packs open, it’s significantly easier to take product out slice by slice, see what is in the pack and exactly how much is left.”

Longer shelf life is provided by CFS’ high barrier XPP film, used for the bottom half of the packs. Because the product is contained within the centre of the pack it cannot slip, offering retailers the flexibility to stack packs horizontally or vertically. The packs are available in different shaped formats – round, oval, rectangular and square – to suit the product.

CFS will tailor upgrades for FlipFresh on customers’ thermo-forming equipment.

Projects for meat and cheeses packed in FlipFresh are underway with producers in Finland and Germany.

The first applications are expected in July/August.