It's been a long time coming, but the stand-up plastics bag that offers many of the advantages of a can with the flexibility of a pouch pack has finally made it onto shop shelves. The patented FlexCan from Amcor Flexibles Europe is now making its world debut in Spain for Borges S.A, selling a range of 10 varieties of nut products in peelable and re-closeable packs.

The FlexCan is billed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional cans, jars and bag-in-box. It’s ‘square’ shape stands out from the now ubiquitous three-sided pouch market, while offering an extra print surface without the graphic interruption of fins seals, base seals and closing gussets.

Its stocky shape is also what makes the pack stable allowing products to stand up on shelf and be stacked on top of each other, a distinct advantage over its three-sided older cousins. The shape provides a good filling volume – 80% fill for the re-closeable version; 90% for the peelable bag.

AFE’s range of lap sealable customised laminates provides the basic materials for the FlexCan. Transparent or metallised materials are available with oxygen and moisture barrier properties that can be tailored to the particular needs of a range of food products.

Consumers should benefit from the pack’s relative lightness, and once home it is easy to open, pour or spoon, then re-close and store. With no need for double packaging, the FlexCan should mean a reduction in storage space required by the food manufacturer and an improvement in distribution efficiency.

FlexCan is packed on a modified Rovema VPI 260 as a result of the joint development of the concept with Rovema Verpackungsmaschinen.

‘At present the concept is suitable for powders, granules and semi-moist products but future developments are expected to bring liquid products within its range,’ says AFE business development director Jonathan Fowle.