Performance Masterbatches says it has scored a first in the development of a high clarity carrier based on PVC compatible resins and additives.

Until now mouldings in some polymers, particularly rigid PVC, have given rise to varying degrees of translucency and milkiness, says the company.

The new PMB MC clear carrier system is aimed at the clear PVC bottle blowing and sheet application market. But its potential use can be expanded to include all polymers where transparent colour effects are required. Typical applications include cosmetics packaging.

Conventional masterbatch extrusion technology is used in its production with some modification to cater for the properties of the material. PVC properties are not compromised. The carrier is food approved and is particularly suitable for microwave products made from extruded vacuum-formed packs.

“We spent several months developing this carrier system which we believe is a market first,” says PMB managing director David Thomas.