Windmöller & Hölscher’s new AD 8320 valve bottomer complements the existing AD 2379 model with the added advantage of being able to produce much smaller sacks. While the AD 2379 covers sack sizes for filling volumes between 3-160 litre, the AD 8320’s range is 100 down to 2 litre. Though the difference between 2 and 3 litre may seem negligible, it actually marks different market segments and different application areas.

The new machine can also handle sacks for more compact cement based ready-mix building materials. These products, offered in small trading units and targeted at the DIY sector, are typically packed in open-mouth paper bags which are known to involve time consuming filling and closing processes as well as complicated filling machines.

With the mini valve sack produced on the AD 8320, a packaging medium is now available that allows these products to be bagged at high speed on spout-type filling systems, ensuring dust-free packaging. The latest highly porous sack papers, and the further optimized ultrasonic valve sealing process contributed to this development.

However, the AD 8320 is, not limited to small sacks but, with the exception of large size specialty sacks, the machine can serve the whole spectrum of multiwall applications. By reducing the size of the processing stations that determine the sack dimensions, a major increase in output has been achieved. At its launch at the Tenax paper sack factory the new bottomer achieved a production speed of 330 sacks/min – believed to be the world’s fastest.


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