Ishida's says its DACS-Zenith is the company's fastest, most accurate checkweigher yet.

Developed for high-speed food applications with low target weights, it is said to combine state-of-the-art checkweighing technology with unmatched speed, accuracy and reliability, allowing identification of even the slightest deviation form pre-programmed parameters.

There are two models, each suited to different target weights. In applications with pack weights between 6 and 600g – such as flow-wrapped biscuits, yoghurt pots, vitamins and mail inserts – weighing speeds of up to 600w/min can be reached with accuracy within 0.02g, and for even heavier products weighing up to 3kg, weighing accuracy remains within +/- 0.1g at speeds of up to 400 units/min.

Using electromagnetic weighing sensors, Ishida employs digital filter technology to eliminate external noise and interference. Quick-release conveyors, smooth contours and a large colour touchscreen display reduce downtime for cleaning and changeovers.