Flexographic Plate Plan, Dublin, Ireland, has added a DuPont Cyrel Digital Imager and CyrelFAST plate processing capability to its digital plate production workflow. The company claims this will enable it to fulfil orders for high quality plates faster than anyone one else in Ireland. It is the first company to install a CyrelFAST system with the first CDI for flexo and letterpress in the Republic.

The DuPont plate making system processes analogue or digital plates in 15min. Using dry thermal technology, exposed plates are heated in the processor and unexposed photopolymer is absorbed by a non woven fabric. There are no chemicals and no lengthy drying and curing steps. Used non woven fabric rolls can be quickly and easily changed and require no special disposal arrangement.

Flexographic Plate Plan has a staff of 14 operating a double day shift, producing flexo plates for label printers and converters for a wide range of applications. Its workflow is built on an ArtPro digital prepress production concept using the Nexus prepress system, including the NexusRIP and FlexoCal calibration software.

Says managing director Darren Finn: “We believe in the future of flexo, and are building the capacity to meet that future. With our digital prepress workflow and the CDI and CyrelFAST processor, we will be bringing something new to the Irish flexo market. In addition to the ability to provide plates faster, we will increase our capacity and be able to extend our reach into the UK and Europe.

“We also like the environmental aspects of CyrelFAST,” he adds. “With no chemicals to dispose of, it will save us several thousand euros each year.”



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