FAS Converting Machinery’s model Q100 machine for continuous sealing of PE film at up to 200m/min uses a new patented design for sealing and cooling. A five-axis servo controller controls the perforator, sealing and cooling functions. The Q100 is designed for in-line production directly coupled to an extruder, but can also can run off-line from an unwind stand.

The machine is equipped with ‘recipe handling’ where all production base parameters for each production run are stored to allow rapid production changes. Its extended dwell time combined with tension-less sealing and long cooling distances are said to allow for a wide range of material types and thicknesses to be converted. A photocell provides for running print in register.

Also new is the T100 automatic turret winder for winding bags or sacks on a roll at up to 200m/min. It features a four-station revolving winder head suited for high line speeds in combination with a small number of bags on the roll. The machine is designed to be used in line together with FAS bag and cutting machines, and with other machines for bags on a roll production, in-line with an extruder or off-line from an unwind stand.


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