A new patented carrier bag design invented by Advent Global offers a novel form of re-use. The semi rigid BreakAway bag has a sealed top and integral carrying handles. On either side of the bag is a detachable sheet that becomes a small tablecloth to provide a clean surface on which to lay out the food.

“When researching the fast food market, we discovered that however good the food was, the consumer felt let down at the time of consumption,” explains Laurence Seidler, ceo of Advent Global, who came up with the idea. “This integral tablecloth makes all the difference between a civilized and uncivilized eating experience. It gives the customer a clean, aesthetically pleasing place setting and serviette — lifting the enjoyment of the food to a higher level, as well as giving a huge boost to the brand image of the company providing it.”

The removable sheets also form pouches when they are attached to the central bag. These can be filled at the point of manufacture with cutlery, condiments and napkins under strict control rather than a random handfull thrust into the bag by the server, offering considerable savings by ensuring strict cost control and faster servicing of orders, he declares.

Order processing is further speeded up because there is no longer the need to provide trays for customers eating in the establishment as their order is also put in a BreakAway bag.

The bag’s design is said to provide up to three times better thermal insulation for the contents by the air trapped in the two side pouches, the additional layers of paper and the sealed top. It is also environmentally friendly because it retains its stand-up shape even when emptied and thus provides a perfect and logical receptacle for any waste.

Advent estimates that the BreakAway’s cost will be about double that of a traditional bag. This would be more than offset by the savings on cost control of inserts, enhanced brand image, speedier service and increased advertising potential from graphics printed on its sides.

The rights to BreakAway are available to license from Advent. “We’re a creative ideas company not a manufacturing one,” says Laurence Seidler. “Our strategy is to come up with creative, innovative solutions to real world problems and then license a big company to take it to market. We are already starting discussions with several international brand leaders in the fast food industry.”


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