SIG’s combistyle carton pack has a distinctively shaped corner panel to ensure on-shelf differentiation and offers instant consumer appeal, added functionality and more convenience


Fair Cape Dairies expands its partnership with SIG. (Credit: SIG)

Fair Cape Dairies expands its partnership with SIG. The company decided on a CFA 812 filling machine from SIG to broaden the superior flexibility when it comes to packaging formats and sizes. Fair Cape introduced a uniquely shaped carton pack that stands out on the shelf and offers more convenience to the South African market: combistyle.

SIG’s combistyle carton pack has a distinctively shaped corner panel to ensure on-shelf differentiation. It offers instant consumer appeal, added functionality and more convenience.

In the increasingly competitive retail environment, combistyle brings a fresh and distinctive look to often crowded drink aisles – helping beverage manufacturers stand out while making it easier for consumers to find what they need. The stylish corner panel provides a comfortable and safe grip, while allowing brand owners to effectively communicate key messages with eye-catching designs. In case of Fair Cape Dairies the corner panel is the excellent opportunity to highlight the Fair Cape Dairies’ company promise and brand message of “Do the Right Thing” – differentiating the brand from the dairy competition on the shelves.

Doing the right thing is the driving force behind Fair Cape’s success as an industry leader renowned for uncompromising quality, dedicated to sustaining the environment by reducing the carbon footprint, being involved with and uplifting their social community and taking excellent care of its animals.

The partnership between Fair Cape Dairies and SIG has been successfully established for years. Currently there are two SIG CFA312 filling machines for combiblocSlimline carton packs that are running successfully at Fair Cape Dairies with excellent efficiency and extremely low waste rates. The company is experiencing enormous growth in the UHT milk sector for the popular “Fair Cape” brand. Other brands that collaborate with Fair Cape Dairies to have their products packaged (Contract Packing) are also benefiting from this development.

With the increasing demand for UHT milk in carton packs, the decision for another SIG filling machine was close at hand. The CFA 812 from SIG with its many flexible options has convinced Fair Cape Dairies. The company just launched UHT milk in combistyle 1,000ml carton packs.

The partnership with SIG enables Fair Cape Dairies to expand its portfolio and now has a choice of different formats and sizes – including combiblocSlimline, combiblocMidi, combifitMidi and combistyle.

JJ Olivier, Group CFO at Fair Cape Dairies: “We are very excited to have partnered with SIG on adding a new SIG filling machine that will allow us to offer the first unique combistyle carton pack in South Africa. Our experience working with SIG provided us with a fantastic performance, world class efficiency and reduction in waste that supports our sustainability journey. We continue to expand our portfolio to offer a bigger range of products for our customers. The pack with the shaped corner panel stands out on the shelf and offers extra convenience.”

With the new CFA 812 filling machine from SIG upgraded to combistyle, Fair Cape dairies can also fill combiblocMidi and combifitMidi, the original packs for these lines. This offers Fair Cape the best shape flexibility for different product types and the ability to adapt to changing market demands, as three carton formats can be filled on a single filling line.

The combistyle carton pack’s distinctively shaped corner panel provides a more comfortable and safer grip combistyle is available in a 1-liter format and a 500ml size.

Abdelghany Eladib, President and General Manager Middle East and Africa at SIG: “combistyle is one of our latest innovations and Fair Cape Dairies is the perfect partner to officially introduce it in the South African market. They can now deliver shelf differentiation, convenience, and flexibility. combistyle exemplifies SIG’s commitment to deliver innovative, differentiated product and packaging solutions that help businesses satisfy ever-changing needs.”

Source: Company Press Release