NDC Infrared Engineering’s participation at the 2004 TaipeiPlas exhibition in Taiwan was crowned with an order from Rainbow Package Industrial Co, a manufacturer of speciality thin films, for the UK company’s TFG710 thin film infra red sensor and Pro.Max platform.

According to Asia Pacific business manager forNDC Infrared Gareth Joseph: “The TFG710 is a fairly recent development which has revolutionized on-line film thickness measurement capabilities. It provides a significantly superior measurement performance compared to traditional nucleonic technologies whilst not having any of the hassles associated with beta sensors. It also provides a modern and advanced alternative to the infra red technologies developed in the 80’s and 90’s, removing a lot of the ‘old’ problems such as complex calibration and poor reliability”.

The Pro.Max is the newest member of NDC Infrared’s family of system platforms. It comprises a Mission Critical processing unit on top of which is mounted an industrial PC running the “world’s number one” SCADA package, WonderWare. The system, runs with Chinese language, has a 17in TFT touchscreen display and advanced graphics said to make it easy and pleasing for the operator to use.



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