A German ‘light’ beer introduced by Interbrew Deutschland to appeal to German consumers preferring a “refreshingly tangy, mild and light taste” has been packaged by Rexam Glass Germany in a specially-developed flint glass bottle which shows off the golden contents and protects the beer from UV rays.

Rexam Glass Nienburger worked closely with Interbrew to develop the patented UV-protective flint glass for the Beck’s Gold bottle. The 33cl long neck bottle incorporates gold-coloured, foil-blocked labels for a fresh, modern appearance, resulting in a pack which Interbrew feels reflects the beverage’s clear, crisp qualities. The beer has so far only been sold in Germany, but is now also being introduced in Switzerland and Austria.

Rexam Glass Germany marketing manager Ingo Erdmann adds: “While we cannot divulge how we gave the flint glass its UV protective qualities – it took a year to develop the process – the glass is a non-standard colour. Our agreement for this particular glass is exclusive with Interbrew.”