Located in Hampton County, the new facility will engage in the manufacturing of millions of biodegradable straws per day


The new facility will be used to manufacture polylactic acid (PLA) straws. (Credit: Pixabay)

Canada-based Evanesce Packaging Solutions, an investee business of Billy Goat Brands, is set to open a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina, US.

The new facility, to be opened on 21 October 2021, will engage in the manufacturing of millions of biodegradable straws per day.

Located in Hampton County, the new facility is expected to help Evanesce achieve scale by manufacturing polylactic acid (PLA) straws, in addition to designing and launching new products.

Disposable PLA straws, which are fully biodegradable, are produced using renewable starchy plants such as corn.

The new manufacturing facility is said to create 78 new jobs in the region.

Billy Goat Brands CEO Tony Harris said: “We are excited to celebrate Evanesce’s growth through the opening of its first manufacturing facility in South Carolina.

“I feel confident that technical expertise, innovative approach and eco-consciousness of the team at Evanesce will lead the business to much success.

“Billy Goat is committed to furthering its investments in the blue economy and supporting Evanesce in its goal of becoming the leading green packaging producer in the market.

“At Billy Goat, we are continuously working to add to our investment portfolio of exciting, unique and ESG-focused companies, which in turn is intended to generate a positive return on investment for our shareholders over the long term.”

Recently, Billy Goat acquired a minority stake in Evanesce, thereby entering into the green packaging solutions market.

Evanesce is also involved in the development of plant-based food containers, which are 100% compostable and decompose within 90 days.

Billy Goat, which develops its food containers using patented compostable technology, holds three issued patents one pending patent, and 17 claims.