In the last 20 years corrugated cardboard has become increasingly established as an easily recycled material in the consumer goods and transport packaging sectors. Yet, it has no application-oriented standards that take account of the loads occurring in practice.

For this reason the BFSV Institute has developed a standard for nearly 80% of corrugated cardboard used in the consumer goods sector. As well as the existing grading criteria, it has included a flat crush test and bending stiffness of the board at 23°/50% RH. For grade classification purposes it has developed a scale from 10–120 [providing 12 grades in all]. It is called the End Use Performance Standard.

As in other engineering sectors, the corrugated board industry and its customers should gradually move towards a single technically and scientifically based standard for this material in Europe.

In the next year or two the BFSV Institute/BFSV e.V. will seek to bring about the establishment of an appropriate committee in Europe that will get to work on preparations for such a European standard.