The Durst Tau 330 RSC E single-pass inkjet press will be used by Spain’s Etiquetas Rospil to produce labels


Officials from Drust and Etiquetas Rospil. (Credit: Durst)

Spanish converter Etiquetas Rospil has invested in Durst Tau 330 RSC E press, as part of its digital transformation by capturing new markets.

The Durst Tau 330 RSC E single-pass inkjet press, which will replace the Tau 330 machine, will be used by Rospil to produce labels while meeting the increased customers demand.

Durst said that the single-pass digital inkjet label press is designed to improve versatility, provide faster order turnarounds and allow considerable savings of ink consumption per linear meter.

Etiquetas Rospil deputy manager Jorge Pérez said: “Each year there are an increasing number of customers who demand explicitly that their labels are produced with Durst Tau technology.

“It’s been unstoppable growth. Also, we are clear that the future of the sector is digital. That is why we decided to take a new step.

“Our experience with them has been second to none. There is nothing comparable in terms of quality and reliability and, now with the new Tau 330 RSC E, neither in productivity. Furthermore, the technical assistance offered by Durst Ibérica is fully personalized.”

Tau 330 RSC E single-pass label press can be upgraded to 8-colour press

Featuring four colours plus white, the Tau 330 RSC E press can be upgraded to 8-color label press to meet the increased production requirements.

Pérez said: “This is another advantage of the the Durst Tau 330 RSC E – it allows upgrades of productivity up to 80 linear meters a minute and add process colors to match our requirements.”

Durst labels and flexible packaging segment manager Helmuth Munter said that the Tau RSC platform sets the base for inkjet printing in the label industry.

“It offers a total package to all our customers in terms of high quality, the best possible service and resulting production reliability, as well as important cost-savings,” Munter added.

Last month, Brazilian label converter Megalabel has acquired Tau 330 RSC E label press from Durst to boost operations.