The eight-colour printed RE:CLOSE tape can be seen on packs of Lightly Salted Kettle Chips throughout UK retail outlets


Essentra RE:CLOSE tape is being used to promote new Kettle & More products (Credit: Essentra plc)

Essentra Tapes, a specialist components division of Essentra, has supplied RE:CLOSE tape to Kettle Foods to help promote its new Kettle & More range.

The eight-colour printed RE:CLOSE tape is featured on Lightly Salted Kettle Chips packs across retail outlets in the UK.

Essentra’s RE:CLOSE tape for new Kettle & More range

Essentra’s RE:CLOSE tape will offer user-friendly pack resealing to preserve freshness and support portion control.

Developed by Essentra’s design studio, the tape is intended to enhance on-shelf impact, as well as promote awareness of three new products within the Kettle & More range.

Kettle Foods assistant brand manager Daisy Scott said: “We wanted to promote our exciting new Kettle & More range and RE:CLOSE tape seemed the perfect opportunity for us to do this.”

Adaptable to the existing vertical form fill and seal packaging lines with Essentra’s applicators, the 30mm wide resealable tape integrates an easy-to-use finger lift area, which runs along both sides of its length.

Once opened, the pack can be resealed using the RE:CLOSE tape. This will help secure the contents and maintain the freshness.

For additional engagement of customers, Essentra’s advanced class print capability, social media icons, prompts, seasonal messages and loyalty codes can also be used.

Essentra Tapes marketing and development head Ian Beresford said: “The ability to add on-pack promotions simply and cost-effectively, without the need to change the existing packaging artwork, is a real advantage to RE:CLOSE tape.

“Our high-definition print delivers spectacular results and we are delighted to see our RE:CLOSE tape so clearly promoting the latest Kettle & More range, whilst also providing the additional convenience to consumers of being able to reclose the original pack.”

Founded in 1988, Kettle Foods produces products at its Norfolk manufacturing site in the UK, with its chips supplied across the country.

In December 2017, Essentra, Herbert Walkers, Crystal Press joined BPIF’s Packaging 2 Recycling scheme.