ePacONE (One Network Everywhere) is a virtual manufacturing platform that connects all ePac locations and operates them as a single manufacturing plant


ePac Flexible Packaging introduces ePacONE (One Network Everywhere). (Credit: Elivelton Nogueira from Pixabay)

US-based packaging firm ePac Flexible Packaging has introduced ePacONE (One Network Everywhere), an integrated network that connects worldwide packaging plants.

ePacONE is a cloud-based manufacturing platform which connects all ePac locations and operates them as a single manufacturing plant.

It is intended for all brands, large and small, regardless of run length.

The platform will combine worldwide Just-In-Time manufacturing capabilities, short lead time (5-15 business days) and engagement solutions such as ePacConnect at competitive prices irrespective of the order size.

According to the firm, ePacONE produces employment at the optimum locations based on proximity to the customer, size, plant capabilities, and capacity. It also enables the company to split jobs, and create them in several locations.

ePac CEO Jack Knott said: “ePacONE does for the flexible packaging industry what the internet did for connecting stand-alone devices. ePac will be able to operate as one company with interconnectivity between all assets.”

The firm has a network of 24 plants, all interconnected with ePacONE and has the capacity to serve brands of all sizes.

ePacONE also lessens the firm’s environmental effect by lowering shipping and obsolescence via production closest to the end customer, the firm claimed.

The latest integrated platform helps the company with fast time-to-market, quickly launch new products and modify the existing ones.

ePac CIO Parag Patel said: “With ONE, we are again revolutionising the packaging industry through a one-of-a-kind proprietary platform which allows us to extend our value to brands beyond the SMB space.

“As one virtual flexible packaging manufacturing plant, we unlock ePac’s ability to print up to 8 million linear feet per day, increasing to 17 million linear feet per day with our ongoing expansion.

“ePacONE is a natural evolution of our technology infrastructure, as we continue to lead the flexible packaging technological revolution, and scale our solutions.”