ePac, RePurpose plan to develop replicable recycling facilities to solve the problem of discarded plastics ending up at landfills


ePac Flexible Packaging and RePurpose seek to solve plastics waste pollution. (Credit: RitaE from Pixabay)

ePac Flexible Packaging, a full-service flexible packaging provider, has partnered with engineered product solutions provider RePurpose Technologies (RPT) to address plastic waste crises.

The two firms plan to develop replicable recycling facilities to help in recycling discarded plastic waste and solve the problem of plastics ending up at landfills.

Beginning from next year, the parties will create replicable recycling facilities to achieve a circular solution focused on the community.

ePac said that the ability to track and trace every package will provide all participants with supply chain transparency in the value chain.

ePac operates 14 community-based flexible packaging facilities in US

The company currently operates 14 community-based flexible packaging facilities in the US that serve small and medium-sized companies.

According to the company, every package can be serialised with a unique code using digital printing to enable tracking packages from production to reuse.

Brands and retailers can be provided tracking information of the packaging using the data, which can be collected leveraging IoT/Blockchain technology, ePac noted.

ePac CEO Jack Knott said: “The reason we started ePac was to play a small part in rebuilding our communities; our relationship with RPT will allow us to continue in that direction with a reliable, sustainable, and transparent solution.”

RPT has developed proprietary formulations and patented technology to produce “high demand products from co-mingled plastics”.

The RPT’s platform enables direct consumer engagement and traceability while reducing handling and carbon footprint.

RePurpose Technologies CEO. Claudine Osipow said: “I’m excited to be a part of the team and the collaboration with ePac that allows everyone to take action and be part of the solution.”

Recently, ePac Flexible Packaging has announced the expansion of its European operations into France with the opening of a new manufacturing facility.