Max Daetwyler's new Gravostar 2215 engraver features automatic engraver preparation, automatic engrave head positioning, and direct cell size entry with the Easycell calibration system.

Screen range is 40 to 200 l/cm, depending on cylinder circumference, and screen angles are 30-60 degrees in 0.01 increments. The Vision 3 high speed engrave head offers closed loop feedback, maximum cell depth of 55 micron, and an engraving rate of 0.75m²/hour by 60 l/cm operating at 8,000 cells/s. Cartridge-style tools provide for fast changeover, and on-board diagnostics help to simplify maintenance.

The Gravostar 2215 can be upgraded with options such as a cylinder handling interface between the engraver and computer based crane control system, or the with a high output head to engrave deeper cells.