M J Maillis UK of Nottingham has provided leading lead recycling company, H J Enthoven, with a fully automatic strapping solution which it says offers substantial cost savings and simplifies the process of used strap disposal.

Part of the world’s largest lead group, Derbyshire-based H J Enthoven required a polyester strapping solution capable of vertically strapping packs of heavyweight lead ingots in a 2 x 2 strap pattern. The new machine was required to replace an existing steel strapper, and a polyester strapping product was preferred in order to provide much lower strap costs and offer easier disposal of used strapping.

With accurate strap positioning a key requirement in securing the lead ingots, Maillis worked closely with Enthoven in order to create a custom-built, fully-automatic strapper that precisely reflected its needs.

The resulting machine was equipped with Maillis Group’s Sander GS41HT high-tension strapping head and also featured precision-controlled lateral movement to allow for accurate strap positioning.

Offering the ability to provide constant, high strap tension at a pre-set level and highly accurate lateral strap positioning, the Sander GS41HT strap heads – along with all machines in the range – are renowned for their robust build and high levels of quality.

In this particular application, the strapping machine will be used to apply M J Maillis’s Tensium polyester strapping. As Tensium strapping is finished in black, it was also decided that it should be screen printed with H J Enthoven’s highly distinctive silver logo.